masteryield integration

Hotelinking is now integrated with MasterYield PMS

MasterYield offers a comprehensive tool for the management of different types of accommodation, turning it in an easy and intuitive task.

The company is dedicated to the research and development of computer applications for modern hotel management, adapted to the current needs of a highly competitive sector, and which has been able to adapt to the most innovative marketing and sales techniques, bringing together all the latest advances in revenue management.

With this new integration, Hotelinking aims to continue to increase the number of technology providers with which it works and thus facilitate a connection with the platform and ensure that a hotel can make the most of the data obtained via the captive portal.

The integration gives as a result rich customer data, more complete profiles that lead to a better understanding of the guests. This, in turn, allows greater segmentation when conducting marketing campaigns, so that a hotel can more easily get to know and reward its loyal customers and provide personalized advantages.

Hotelinking is now integrated with the most well-known PMS, CRM, booking engines and WiFi providers in the market, in addition to facilitating integration with other systems, including their own. These integrations avoid duplications, unnecessary or erroneous records and facilitate resource optimisation, in addition to increased process efficiency.

If you wish to find out more about how Hotelinking can integrate with your other providers, contact our specialised consultants and resolve all your queries regarding the integration process.