5 proven benefits of marketing automation for your hotel

The most effective direct marketing campaigns are those that are carried out with precise contact information.

Campaigns that are not aimed at your hotel’s whole database but at those groups or segments that are more likely to convert as per the content of the communications. In other words, you need up-to-date and quality Hotel Data.

Nevertheless, in order to work with a vast amount of contacts and data and to run these campaigns and direct communications (as personalised as possible, considering their preferences and needs) you need to have the right tool. A software that enables to automate the different tasks.

How do you benefit from the use of an automation tool?

The automation of the different marketing actions enables you to manage your campaigns so that you can make your time profitable and dedicate your resources to improvement and optimisation strategic tasks. The right tool, especially if it has been created for the hotel sector, will help you to prioritise and perform actions and tasks while controlling the impact that they have on your business. Particularly, an automation tool…

1. Helps you to schedule intelligent campaigns.

The automation of direct marketing tasks helps you to always bear in mind the life cycle of your consumers, that is, your guests’ traveller journey. Implementing the right strategy based on their needs during each stage of their purchase cycle is key to try to keep them interested in your brand and to encourage direct sales. With this in mind, you will be able to design and programme intelligent campaigns on a large scale.

On the one hand, an automation tool enables you to update valuable data in your CRM to perform an advanced segmentation based on the preferences and behaviour of your customers. The result of this segmentation is intelligent lists, based on high-quality data, with more possibilities of conversion.

On the other, with this tool you will be able to automate (never better said) and personalise the delivery of content specifically aimed at these segmented lists, improving the probability of success.

Automations make it possible to determine when is the best time to send information, offers or specific promotions, adapting them to the likings of your potential guests in each stage of their purchase cycle. But, moreover, depending on the characteristics or contact details, it is possible to personalise communications to the fullest.  It all depends on the scheduling of the right workflows.

2. It makes it easier to monitor your campaigns.

By working with quality Hotel Data which is integrated with the automation software, you will be able to determine not only which direct marketing campaigns work but also for which type of contacts they do.

This level of information will help you, on the one hand, to create detailed reports and to better understand where you must focus your efforts. And, on the other, to gradually fine-tune the strategy so that the creation of processes or workflows around the purchase cycle of your hotel’s contacts is more and more precise making it possible to boost conversions.

The scheduling of automated workflows will help you to promote your direct sales channel and also to avoid human errors in the process.

3. Improve your guests’ LTV.

With this type of analysis and improvement and optimisation environment where the automation of marketing actions and tasks achieve higher conversion and closing rates, only the ideation of loyalty strategies is what is left to improve your guests’ Lifetime Value (LTV).

The unavoidable competitors are one of the significant problems in the tourism sector, especially in the hotel one which not only must consider other chains’ hotels but also commissioned channels. For this reason, loyal guests are so precious, even more so if they book directly.

And in these cases, the possibilities of segmentation based on a quality Hotel Data and automation of the communications at the best time can help you not only to come up with the right loyalty strategy, but also to implement it.

4. Improve sales and marketing profitability.

One of the reasons why this tool is essential is due to the automation itself and the scheduling of actions and tasks. This software enables you to simplify routines which, if done manually, take more hours of work, organisation and monitoring. In other words, it allows you to be much more productive and focus your efforts on different tasks.

Because the truth is that implementing a marketing campaign and creating different campaigns to manage to connect with your guests and foster their loyalty takes hours and hours of work. Generating the necessary, creative and attractive content that helps you to retain them could compete in time with other tasks that can be easily automated with the right tool for the sector.

And, ultimately, saving time is saving money. The marketing automation solutions that enable you to connect your guests directly to your hotel brand guarantee a positive ROI when implemented effectively.

5. Increase your hotel’s revenue.

Investing in marketing automation is not necessarily cheap. But the benefits we have addressed in terms of a tool conceived for the hotel sector, if correctly used in strategic terms and if the right communications are used can do more than justify the initial investment: they can increase the revenue.