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Find out first-hand what our clients think about Hotelinking and our products. No one better to tell you about the advantages they have obtained since they started using our platform or which problems we have managed to solve. We encourage you to learn more about their testimonials.

Maria Serra – Zafiro Hotels

Maria Serra, Zafiro Hotels’ E-commerce Manager, tells us how with the implementation of Hotelinking they experienced changes from minute one. Mainly with the capture of guest data in real-time and the amount and quality of the same: in the first eight months they captured 60 K mails and in two years almost 180 K.

Yannik Erhart – Universal Hotels

Yannik Erhart, from Universal Hotels, explains how the chain is managing to create a great database with a lot of client information. Thanks to this, they are now considering to run automated campaigns in the future to increase their direct sales. Currently Universal Hotels has 15 hotels in Mallorca.

Ana Ortiz – PortBlue Hotels

In just a few months, PortBlue Hotels went from having an almost non-existent database to having one that is validated and meets data protection requirements (RGPD). From the first moment, they were able to launch their first email marketing campaigns. This easiness and disposition are what Ana Ortiz, Marketing Manager, values the most when it comes to our product.

Santiago Mulet – Globales

From Hoteles Globales, Santiago Mulet highlights the difference they have noticed with the satisfaction surveys system during the stay: they have been able to offer the best solution possible to hotel guests while preventing complaints from being published on reputation websites. Globlaes have 38 hotels across Spain, Europe and South America. They offer more than 22,000 beds worldwide.

Rafael Berga – BQ Hoteles

Going from payable wifi to complimentary wifi with Hotelinking’s captive portal has proved to be lifechanging for BQ Hoteles. The change has meant a greater benefit for the company with which they have managed to double their ROI just like Rafael Berga, Director of Sales, explains.

José Martínez – Blue Sea Hotels

José Martínez, Marketing and Direct Sales Manager at Blue Sea Hotels, highlights that the most important thing for them is knowing the customer and in line with this, Hotelinking and CRM have really helped them to get closer to them and foster their loyalty.

Toni Mesa – Playa Esperanza Resort

The automated collection of guest emails has not been the only advantage of implementing Hotelinking at the Playa Esperanza Resort. Toni Mesa, the hotel’s General Manager, emphasises that with the validation system through the captive portal they can control users that get connected to the wifi, offering their guests a much more satisfying browsing experience.

Miguel Arellano – Astoria Playa

Being able to run very segmented email marketing campaigns thanks to Hotelinking’s integration with the PMS is what Miguel Arellano, Marketing Director at Astoria Playa hotel, values the most. During the first year only, they managed to increase their turnover by more than 88 thousand euros and to redirect many reservations to the hotel’s website directly instead of through OTAs.

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