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5G, WiFi and hospitality.

All the keys to understanding the present and future of this new technological revolution. How the arrival of 5G impacts hotels and how WiFi will still be pivotal to keep offering quality services to our guests.

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Tips to face the challenges that 5G presents and how it will impact our current networks

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Case studies

Potential 5G systems based on the accommodation facilities



Answers to all doubts that this new technology poses especially those WiFi related.

Book description

5G technology will change the way the world as we know it.
This mobile technology generation will help to digitalise the economy and contribute towards the global digital transformation while meeting people’s communication and connectivity needs. This development will impact all sectors, including tourism: 5G will provide tourists with a new travel experience, encouraging the knowledge and immersion in each destination besides opening new sales and development opportunities for tourism-related companies.
Its arrival, however, poses many questions about the way it works, access, impact and applications. This book offers an in-depth explanation, condensed and in an easy to understand language, of all essential technical aspects and implications that the 5G technology implies for a hotel.

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  • WiFi6_5G_icon6 WiFi and 5G: two compatible technologies
  • improvements 5G5G and the improvements it offers
  • technology 5GWhat does this new technology mean for the hotel sector?
  • history 5G5G history
  • differences 5G5G Non-standalone versus 5G Standalone
back whitepaper 5G
  • roadmap 5GStandardisation – 5G roadmap (3GPP
  • eMBB, URLLC, mMTCThree 5G usage cases: eMBB, URLLC, mMTC
  • new technologies 5GNew technologies with the arrival of 5G
  • stakeholders 5GStakeholders
  • challengesChallenges
about hotelinking

About Hotelinking

Hotelinking is a direct marketing and loyalty automation platform for the hotel industry. It helps hotel brands to know their guests better and to interact with them, improve their reputation, increase direct reservations and foster customer loyalty.
From Hotelinking, we also offer a WiFi set up, maintenance and monitorisation service for hotels and chains known as NOC (Network Operation Center). As a result of our experience in the sector through the integration of our services with the WiFi network in over 1k hotels, we provide this quality service for the maintenance of the network.
The technical team at Hotelinking has a wide experience in the telecommunications sector. Our team of engineers is certified by Cisco, Mikrotik and Ubiquiti Networks; they also have a broad experience in the set-up of WiFi networks in big infrastructures such as airports, hotel resorts and mass events.


Carlos has worked for Futura International Airways, Avanzit Tecnología, Ezentis, Indra, Equipnou and Hotelinking. He has also designed, set up, implemented and administered all sorts of networks and communication solutions. He has experience leading wifi network deployment projects in big infrastructures such as airports, hotels and shopping centres.

Carlos Otín

Senior Network Engineer at Hotelinking

A digital marketing expert with more than 12 years of experience in the supervision of online projects and has worked for companies such as Globalia, AOL Avant or Aficine. He is the founder of the family-oriented tourism portal Turisme Petit and cocreator of the ChronoMask application, an app to encourage the use of masks.

Tomeu Fiol

CMO at Hotelinking

Xisco Lladó is co-founder and CTO of Hotelinking. He is an experienced environment artist and frontend developer. He has developed web projects for big companies in the tourism sector and is a web design, user experience and user interface enthusiast. Cofounder of several start-ups, natural-born entrepreneur, with team-leading and complex programming project development skills.

Xisco Lladó

CTO at Hotelinking

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