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Hotelinking presents:

New advanced course in hotel e-mail marketing

A comprehensive manual that covers e-mail marketing basics in depth. You will find useful tips, whether you are a beginner or have already implemented it in your sales and loyalty strategy.

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What will you find?

good practices email marketing

Good practices

Tips for implementing advanced e-mail marketing strategies in the hotel sector.

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The best technologies that will help you achieve and analyse your marketing goals.

examples email marketing


Step-by-step guides to successfully optimise your e-mail marketing campaigns.

Book description

E-mail marketing has been used for decades in sales departments all over the world as a high-value resource. But in the hotel sector, it has never been as key as in other industries. The main reason is the great weight of intermediaries, who retain customer data that are interesting to create a direct link between the hotel and its guests. Following the innovative processes and strategies to generate optimal data quality and volumes, as described in the «Hotel Data Advanced Course» book, e-mail marketing can turn the direct channel into one of the main booking generation channels. All the strategies to follow, the technologies to implement, the tips, tricks and step-by-step guides to turn e-mail marketing into a powerful channel to disintermediate bookings, are compiled in this book. A must-read for all those wanting to develop and implement advanced sales and marketing strategies in the hotel sector.

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  • Hotel_DataHotel Data and e-mail marketing
  • spamBad hotel e-mail marketing practices: how to avoid ending up in the spam folder
  • email marketing planningHotel e-mail marketing campaigns planning
  • email marketing designDesigning hotel e-mail marketing campaigns that convert
  • Persuasion strategiesPersuasion strategies that increase conversion
back email marketing book
  • mailing frequencyIdeal mailing frequency to maximise sales, without forsaking the unsubscription ratio
  • Advanced segmentationAdvanced segmentation to generate additional direct bookings or “long tail”
  • Advanced booking trackingAdvanced booking tracking per guest
  • benchmarkingHow to know if we are obtaining good booking results or not: benchmarking
  • calculate ROIHow to measure results to calculate ROI
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About Daniel Alzina

Daniel Alzina is CEO at Hotelinking. He has a degree in Business Administration and Finance by the Universidad de Barcelona. He also holds a master’s degree in Digital Business by ESADE Business School and another in Technological Innovation by EOI. He has worked for companies in the hotel industry’s technology sector, has 5 years’ experience in a M&A in London’s City and has been a consultant for KPMG in the Barcelona office.


Expert environment artist and frontend developer. Has developed web projects for big companies in the tourism sector and is a web design, user experience and user interface enthusiast.

Xisco Lladó

CTO at Hotelinking

Responsible for positioning and web design strategies for hotels. Has advised many companies on digital media and social media dynamization.

Tomeu Fiol

CMO at Hotelinking

Co-founder of several start-ups, has a broad experience in leadership and business development of marketing automation and omnichannel marketing businesses.

Carlos Moncho

CEO at

Expert in digital strategies, e-commerce, web analytics and online advertisement. She is co-founder of the Meetup MallorcaSEO group.

Vanessa Tejada

Online marketing manager for vacation packages at Logitravel Group

Strategic partnerships, digital branding and content consultant. Throughout his career, he has led strategy and innovation projects in marketing and customer experience.

Jesús Ramón

Managing Director at ADG Travel

Specialist in the development of online and offline communication plans and strategies. With experience in the management, maintenance and dynamization of social media, blogs and websites.

Marga Escandell

Content Manager at Hotelinking

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